Day of Silent Solidarity

BUSL members capped off the week with an all-day long Day of Silent Solidarity for the Unborn. The day started with laughter as students began to cover themselves with “life tags” and all members wore “Right to Life” across their backs in the custom red duct tape, before giving up the “right” to speak for the day in solidarity with all those who have been silenced by abortion. 20131122_103316 As  students went about their day to day activities, many found it difficult not to speak, be it a simple greeting, asking a question or conversing with friends, but instead BUSL members passed out and/or left cards around campus stating “Why I am Silent”. These informative cards, which were later removed from campus after complaint that they were offensive, had fetal development facts on one side with abortion statistics on the other. When not in class BUSL executive members sat in the mingling area, a campus hotspot, and had curious students approach them. In their silent witness and through the informative cards some students chose to create their own “life tags”; taking with them a greater respect for human life and informative cards to pass out. 20131122_103241Today evidenced that is it not necessarily how or what you say that can make the biggest difference, but what you chose to do instead to create a change. Let the change start with you!  

Click here for “Why I am Silent” cards or to visit the Day of Silent Solidarity Website.